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Ena Fresh Water Fishing

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Ena Fresh Water Fishing

Duration: ???????????? Max people: 6 Sanur, West Coast Availablity: Daily

About this activity

Night Fishing. When the sun goes down and the stars come out, the view as different for fish as it is for fishermen. The night time world, however, is completely familiar to fish. To the most fisherman, it often seems a fantastic first-time experience. It is totally unlike any fishing you have done before, but to a true saltwater fisherman, the night is the only time to fish. Night fishing can often be the most productive time to fish, for the fisherman willing to master the different techniques, entirely different! The differences are not merely the lack of light, the entire approach and attitude of the angler must turn 180 degrees. Usually, for those who are willing to make the adjustment and put up with the inconveniences of fishing in the dark, the rewards are worth the extra effort. The most obvious reason fishing at night is that most fish are nocturnal as well as diurnal, with more of an emphasis on the nocturnal side than most fishermen realize!


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